Posted by : Lidatan Senin, 27 September 2010

Mwo???? What?? Pasti pertama kali ngedennger berita ini akan terlontar kata-kata yang barusan aku tulis. Yap, baru kemaren aku ngomong ama dongsaeng tentang Album Repackaged SHINee Lucifer, eh ternyata emang bener-bener Nongol.. Kyaaa~~~ T.O.P deh... Owkeh nih liatin infonya yang q Credit dri Soompi :

After receiving so much love from ‘Lucifer’, SHINee will come back with their repackaged album
on the 4th with their new song ‘Hello’.

-Skipped the information about Lucifer we already know-

SHINee will be releasing a pop sound song ‘Hello’. The song will include simple rhythms, mix of sweet
harmonies, and will be a trendy R&B pop song. The lyrics are about expressing love to a special loved one.
The song will be bright, which will be one charm to the song.

SHINee will have their first stage on ‘Music Bank’ on the 1st and release the album on the 4th.

Uwaaaaa~~~ CAN'T WAIIIITTT!!!

Onew oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Key oppa, Minho oppa, and Taeminnn oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll meet U again!!! Kyaaa~~ Nah kukasih preview Teaser Photonya...

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