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Kekeke~...annyoeng chingudeul...

tahu kan EP. 7 Hello Baby SHINee?? Nah! Kalo tahu, aku bakalan ngepost drama mereka yang ada disitu, owkeh langsung aja! Tapi sebelumnya mianhae... karena semua perkataan mereka belum aku translate menjadi Bhsa Indonesa, owkeh langsung aja! Check it dot!

Note : 

OW is Onew

JH is Jonghyun

KY is Key

MH is Minho

TM is Taemin

In the cities of Junra and Kyungsang , located on the border of Choongcung with nice scenery.

There lived a kind poor man and a mean rich man.


JH: My Hobbies are pushing over kids that are popping  and blowing the my nose into food that’s  finished preparing! About that level!

MH: We’re hungry!

TM: Hungry~

JH: Who are You?

KY: Honey do something about them!

JH: You want to eat? You want to eat? You want to eat? Do something about it. Try jumping up.

KY: You guys aren’t at our level.

JH: Go make some pancakes at home!


(The poor man is mad)


MH: Hey, what’re you doing?

KY: What?

JH: Do you think being tall is everything? Go away.

KY: No way! Get Out!

JH: Call thepolice!


JH: Hurry up and get out! Get lost!

KY: Hey... , one of you can eat this.

KY: I don’t want to!

JH: Go go go go!

JH+KY: How delicious!


The poor man’s stomach has touched is back! He goes to beg  the rich man for just one meal.


MH: Sister~in~law

KY: What?

MH: Could you... at least give us your leftover rice?

KY: WHAAAAAAAT?! (Oh ho ho ho~) You want some rice?

MH: Yes.

KY: Aigoo, this is too funny. I don’t want to~

MH: At least some leftovers...


She goes up to the poor man and hits his cheek.


KY: Ya...


O n sunny day, a swallow  came to the poor man’s house. He was playing  hackey sack , dancing , and playing happily!


OW: Yeah! I’m swallow , the god of hackey sack. I can kick this hackey 30,000 times. You guys can’t do it like me.


(Kick Hackey and suddenly his fall.)

OW: Aigoo! Aigoo!

TM: Honey , the swallow hurt his leg.

OW: Aigoo! Aigoo!

MH: Tie his leg quickly!

OW: Disinfect it first!

MH: Are you okay , swallow?

TM: Can you fly?

OW: Chirp chirp chirp~

TM: The swallow is dancing again!

MH: He’s dancing again!

TM: He’s good!

OW: The poor man and his wife. Thank you so much

MH: Yes.

OW:  I’m off to the south now.

MH: Goodbye!

OW: Goodbye!


After one year , the swallow , the king of hackey sack,  went to the poor man’s house with something in it’s mouth.


TM: I’m hungry.

MH: I’m hungry, too.


(Swallow is come.)


TM: Oh! Oh my goodness, honey! The swallow  flew back here!

MH: Hey, isn’t this...the swallow...


(They check  the swallow.)


MH: That hurt his leg last year?


(TM+MH Hit the swallow)


MH: it’s that swallow! Oh swallow! What are you doing  here?

OW: Oh, thank you. (throw the flower in the face MH)

OW: The poor’s wife~

TM: Yes?

MH: What you like to-

OW: What are you doing?

MH: Anyway, what are these flowers for,  swallow?

OW: You made me into a penguin last time. Although it’s a bit small... I wanted to give it to your wife...

TM: It’s mine.

MH: Go away, penguin.


The poor family grew the rose. And cut the gourd that grow out of it.


MH: The rose became a gourd!

TM: Honey, the gourd won’t open. This is seriously.

MH: Try cutting is better.

TM: Wait a sec


(TM Hit the gourd and the rich family peep that the Poor family)


MH: What is this? What... what is...?

TM: What kind of luck is this?

MH: Oh, thank you, swallow!

TM: Thank you!




JH: What, a swallow? Tell me the truth. I said to tell me the truth. Or else... You’ll lose your right arm. Oh, it’s your left.

KY: You, too!

JH: How did you get that? What kind of situation of this?


(The mean and rich couple listened to the poor man’s story)


OW: If anything , I’ll hit flowers.


(The rich wife is coming)


KY: Mister swallow.

OW: What?

KY: Would you like to dance? Shall we dance now?


(Suddenly the rich man is coming)


JH: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! You! You’ve been caught red handed! Cheating by dancing  with someone else! And this swallow! (Hit the swallow)

KY: What do we do?! Isn’t he hurt?!

JH: All I did was touch him! I didn’t know his leg would break!

KY: Ahaha! Wha do we do?

KY+JH: Ahahaha!

JH: I didn’t think his leg would break!

OW: Eat this and go away! (Throw the flower in the rich man’s face)

KY: Is he really hurt?

JH: I Love you. (Give the flower with his wife).

KY: Oh, of course. (Hug him.) You’re the only one for me.

JH: Anyway, we fixed the swallow’s leg  and sent him on his way.


(The rich couple sings as they cut the gourd)


JH: We’ll definitely get more food than the poor man did. Come out! (Kick the gourd) It’s not coming out.

KY: 1,2,3

JH: Come out! (Kick the gourd)


(They open the gourd and there isn’t anything the food).


JH: What’s this?


(Suddenly goblin is coming).


KY: Wow, it’s a goblin!

JH: Goblin.

OW: I was extremely angered by your greediness. So I came here to punish you.

JH: He’s punishing us!

KY: Pushing us isn’t right!

JH: I don’t think you’re what we’re looking for. I will never do it again.

OW: I will hold you to your promise.

KY: Okay. Let’s really change.

JH: He’s weird.


The nice poor man heard the story of the rich man. He decided to help the rich man.


KY: Aigoo!!

JH: How can this be?

KY: Our entire fortune...


(Suddenly the poor man and his wife is coming).


MH: Aigoo, hyungnim!

JH: What?

MH: What happened to you, hyungnim?

KY+JH: Aigoo!!

KY: He took all my money!

JH: We were scammed by swallow!

KY: What do we do?

MH: But the swallow wouldn’t do something like that.

JH: My house is gone, too.

MH: Your house is gone, too?

JH: Yeah, my house is gone.


The rich man suggest that they live together!


JH: Do you want to live together?

MH: Allright.


In the end, the rich couple was really sorry towards the poor couple. They appologiez as b-boys.


KY: We’re sorry.

The End

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